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We are a full service custom design and remodeling company based in the Sunapee/Dartmouth region of central New Hampshire. For over thirty years we have been satisfying the needs of our customers in the area of building and design under our parent company Tranquility Bay Ventures. We specialize in all forms of finish carpentry, painting and tilework, as well as offering spatial studies, concept sketching and modeling, and full construction design services.

Our philosophy is to “capture” useable space within the footprint of your existing home by utilizing all areas in a highly efficient manner. This is usually done by converting unused or underused rooms such as attics and basements and making them part of the living envelope. We think in a “cubic” manner, valuing every inch of space, and this we design to optimize a home’s untapped efficiency.

For you, the homeowner this is beneficial by keeping costs manageable, increasing accessibility, and finding added space already available under one’s own roof. Of course, if the space to grow is just not there or the cost to renovate is out of line or structurally unfeasible, we can show how a small addition might be a better option.

We hope, as we continue to grow and modify our offerings that we are always able to meet your changing needs, and to give you the continued assurance and peace of mind in dealing with a small business that truly cares.

We can be reached at 413-438-3828 or

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