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Philosophies and Random Thoughts

Much of what we practice is borrowed from time-honored methods and simple rules that when patiently applied gradually form something that is both comfortable and beautiful. A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander and his associates has formed a firm basis for many of our own beliefs.

Essentially what Alexander has set out to teach us is that in everything, there is a pattern or a reason as to why the design of a space works in harmony with those other spaces around it, be it a home, a neighborhood block, or an entire village. What makes certain spaces beautiful and comforting, and come alive with enriching qualities, while other spaces appear homogeneous, sterile, unrewarding and even tiring?

In his book , a massive hardback well worthy of anyone’s shelf, Alexander poses simple everyday problems that often come up during the design process, and then refers the reader to a pragmatic set of “patterns” that help to overcome the unwanted situation through the use of associated principles that are linked and often overlap to form a concise blend of common sense fundamentals based on their extensive investigations which will then shape the framework of your own design. With over 250 patterns to wade through, the possibilities are endless and visionary and certainly of great value to anyone undertaking the sometimes overwhelming idea of building or remodeling one’s living space. I’ve listed just a few of those we often use, but feel free to browse through the entire work for inspiration. It can be found alongside its sister publication A Timeless Way of Building in most any library.

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