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Thinking Spatially in (3) Dimensions

When a house feels too small or cramped for comfort, it is exciting to think about moving up to a larger home or adding on to the existing one. In the gloom and doom of today’s downcast economy selling one’s home or investing in a large and costly addition is probably not in the best of interest of many. But perhaps that perceived problem of lack of space could be easily solved with more efficient storage systems, or by reworking the space that you already have. Also some rooms serve well to suite our growing needs by doing “double-duty” or even by “stealing” space to enlarge another more constrained area that has become outgrown or no longer much joy to use

Have you considered the four most logical, and least costly areas to renovate under most circumstances? These being 1) the basement, 2) attic, 3) garage, and 4) the porch. Generally speaking, the most needed structural elements for any design are already in place–assuming adequate headroom and accessibility. Of course it is always best to familiarize yourself with local building code practices before undertaking such a renovation, as certain constraints must be met or alleviated and this is sometimes best left for the professional remodeler. It may be as simple as adding a roof dormer or a bay window, and often times utilities must be moved or reconfigured to make the new space come together.

However you decide to “expand” your living space, do not forget that in the end it should not be solely based on the resale value of your home alone that drives your ambitions, but remember also that our homes are an extension of us and thus should be a timeless fit to who we are.

Here a dining nook has been carved into an attic room

Bulk storage below the eaves even eliminates the need for stand-alone dresser

This seasonal porch was transformed into a year-round sunny "away" room

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